The grand thing about cooking is you can eat your mistakes. -Julia Child

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New blog name - Commonplace Kitchen

I'm really not as self-deprecating as the original "Hello world!" post (in conjunction with the blog name) suggested. I think this will work better: Commonplace Kitchen.

"Commonplace" because I'm not doing anything super special (in the kitchen or in this blog); I think everyone is capable of doing the same, if not much better. As I said - I'm no pro.

But I also like thinking of "common place" i.e., how the kitchen becomes a gathering spot for all in the house. You know how it goes at parties; despite the fact that the rest of the house is cozy and inviting, everyone winds up hanging out in the kitchen. It has its own draw.

So - Commonplace Kitchen it is. Let's go!

Quick detour - I thought I'd explain a bit more about what it is I plan to do here. Most of the content will be recipes, usually falling into one of three categories: 1) non-recipe: These are simple recipes that usually don't need any sort of measurements.
2) re-recipe: These are recipes I saw elsewhere. I will post a review of the recipe as well as the recipe itself. I will cite the original source so if you like the recipe you can find more like it.
3) me-recipe: These are my own creations.

I will also discuss related things such as specific foods/food products, kitchen equipment, etc. And, of course, there will be some digressions. Welcome again.


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