The grand thing about cooking is you can eat your mistakes. -Julia Child

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello world!

Ignore that title. That is something I learned in that intro programming class that I barely passed (thanks, tutor Kate!). (Apologies to Prof. S.)

The world is ending. I created a blog. I kind of hate them, but a wee bit of self-loathing never hurt anyone, did it?

Anyhow - why are we here? I have little special to say. But I read a lot of other people's food blogs, and some of them are great, and some aren't. I figure I can make this a pretty mediocre effort and still someone might like it.

Who cares kitchen?
1) That is my general thought about blogs. Who cares? I'm not interested in what you think the sexiest bath product is or why you're too cool to own a television or...whatever.
2) I don't expect any of you to think that I have anything amazing to say. I expect a lot of you to read my posts and think "who cares?" (And by "a lot" I mean the three people I'll probably share this with.)
3) I plan to post a lot about my kitchen experiments. For a lot of you, food is irrelevant. So you'd also probably think "who cares?" when reading this.
4) They will indeed be kitchen experiments, because I'm no pro. And for that reason, a lot of you will wonder who cares about what a kitchen novice has to say. There will be some recipes. There will be a lot of non-recipes. There will be randomness about which many of you will not give a crap.
5) But hopefully at least one or two of you will care. And for that reason, I titled this "who cares" instead of "nobody cares kitchen."
6) I'm not a writer. The prose here will not be good. So if you're looking for a beautifully written blog - surf on.
7) There are a few things I do care a great deal about. They will make appearances here from time to time. Who cares? Well, I do.


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