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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Intro to AZEats

So a good friend of mine is in the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan. I miss her lots, but admire her dedication and willingness to go quite out of her way to do good stuff for others.

Anyhow, a few days after I started this blog we were chatting and I asked her if there was anything I could send her from the U.S. Her request was not for stuff, but for recipes - in particular, recipes that could be made with the foods available where she is. I loved the idea, and thought it was a good way to kind of steer this blog in an actual direction from time to time as opposed to just random (but yummy!) recipes.

(Image above is of a market in Baku, Azerbaijan, taken by Flickr user LOOMstudio, used pursuant to Creative Commons license, and making me hungry for megastrawberries.)

So - look for recipes tagged with "AZEats"; those recipes contain only ingredients on the list of foods my friend said she has available. I'll also likely only select recipes that aren't terribly fussy; i.e., nothing that requires any special equipment or annoying preparation techniques.

I actually already have my first AZEats recipe posted, the carrot, spinach, and rice stew. Look for recipe #2 to be posted soon!

(Second image is of white cheese, I think of the same kind that my friend was telling me about. Taken by Flickr user Loomstudio.)


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